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How to use SEO and social media for stronger marketing

When you’re crafting social media campaigns, are you considering search engine optimization (SEO) with each post? Your SEO strategy should be a top priority of your marketing plans, but it doesn’t stop at the pages on your website. You can use SEO and social media together—here’s how.

SEO vs. social media

According to Data by WorldOMeter, marketers and writers publish almost five million blog posts every day, so you’ve got plenty of competition for showing up on the first pages of search engine results. With a strong SEO strategy, you can get your content in front of even more eyes.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Social media impacts SEO and your search engine rankings. Social media platforms and social media posts don’t directly influence SEO rankings, but they do have a positive effect.

5 reasons to invest in your social media presence for stronger SEO

  1. Reach a wider audience.  Each blog post and page you add to your website takes plenty of time, but if you just hit “Publish” and leave, you’re wasting that time. Social media gives you the chance to share your content with a much wider audience. When you visit your website’s analytics, you’ll see that social traffic is a category for audience acquisition.
  2. Gain more backlinks. Backlinks, or links from other sources to your website, show search engines that you have authority and push you closer to the top of search engine pages. Plus, when you share valuable content on your website, people might want to share that content on their own pages or social networks, increasing your authority even more.
  3. Rank for search terms. When someone searches your brand or branded phrases, your social media profile can appear at the top of those search engine pages. Many consumers prefer brands that consistently post relatable content, and your social media pages are a prime spot to show a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. 
  4. Drive more traffic to your website. It takes time to build a strong SEO presence, but social media can help attract visitors to your website. When you share sneak peeks to valuable content on your social pages, users will want to learn more. 
  5. Increase trust. Because so many businesses have social media profiles, consumers expect them and might even doubt your business’s legitimacy if you don’t have an updated social media presence. Plus, social media is a great way to show the “why” and “who” behind your brand

How to optimize your social media profiles for SEO

While you continue sharing high-value content on your websites and sharing that across your social media platforms, it’s important to make sure the social media profiles themselves are optimized.

    • Include as much information as possible in your social media profiles. Fill out the about section and bio with industry keywords and location information so when your ideal clients search relevant terms, your pages appear at the top.
    • Integrate keywords in your profile and posts. Social media platforms are increasingly becoming more search-driven with keyword search, so use keywords naturally in your posts.
    • Share content from your site + track links to it. 

Get started with your SEO and social media marketing today

Why choose between SEO vs. social media marketing when both are an important part of a strong marketing strategy? Make sure the time you’ve invested in your content doesn’t go to waste, and contact BRK Marketing today.


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