Amanda Lax


Building Trust with Authentic Content

Content is king in the world of digital marketing. It can help boost SEO, engage with users, and bring out the personality of a brand. Whether through email, blogs, or social media, authentic content is crucial – especially when targeting younger generations. We can see this in the growing relevance of online reviews through prominent platforms like Yelp, and the ever-increasing use of social media influencers as brand advertisers and ambassadors.

In one study by WP Engine, 82% of Gen Z said they’re more likely to buy from a company that consistently posts relatable content. Older generations were not far behind: 77% for millennials, 75% for Gen X and 72% for Boomers.

So, what exactly is “authentic content”? Much like any other aspect of marketing, there is no single correct answer. Like any individual, brands must develop their own personality and voice to create authentic material. This means mapping out your brand’s goals, target audience, and intended persona. After solidifying an identity and developing cohesive messaging to match, businesses can start creating content that authentically conveys their own voice — thus boosting appeal and building a level of credibility with their audience. WP Engine’s survey found that these 2 traits were on the top of the list of thing that build trust with consumers: not using Photoshop, and incorporating actual customers into branded content imagery.

Creating authentic content means being transparent and relatable in your messaging. That may be a vague goal, but practice embracing humanity, developing a sense of humor, capitalizing on relevant current events, and appealing to emotions. Touching on pop culture references, memes, and internet challenges are a few examples of how brands not only successfully relate to consumer, but promote meaningful engagement with their audience. Influencer marketing and user generated content (UGC) are other tried-and-true approaches to conveying authenticity by uniting your brand voice with the voices of real life users.  No matter the generation, authenticity is a driving force to creating loyal, avid customers who will champion for your brand. Whether through digital or traditional marketing tactics, remember that transparency and honesty play a key role in how any message is received.

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