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3 Ways to Boost Social Media Conversions

Whether Instagramming their favorite outfit or browsing Pinterest for the perfect lamp, social media users visit a variety of platforms every day to explore brands and new trends. With that in mind, more than ever brands are shifting to using social media tactics as an efficient, direct, and trackable way to reach audiences successfully. However, social media marketing goes far beyond simply posting attractive product pictures or quippy captions — it’s about positioning your brand, building credibility and awareness, and ultimately persuading your audience to take action . Here are three great ways brands can mirror their brand image on social media, while boosting conversions:

  1. Entice with a call to action: at the end of the day, the main goal of a brands social media strategy is definitive: pushing users to buy a product, book an appointment, fill out a form, etc. With a strong call to action, brands can not only directly communicate why users should take action, but provide direct guidance to get them there. Keep simple, direct phrases in mind like “click here to sign up”, “book now”, “like and share to enter”.
  2. Capitalize on user generated content: user generated content (UCG) is a great resource to connect personally to your follower base and present authentic content on your platforms. With its ability to directly connect customer to brand, it can be a great resource to encourage to go beyond the role of a consumer and become a participant your story.
  3. Consistent branding: Every brand has a distinct personality that ultimately resonates with the users who become consumers, and when it comes to boosting conversions it’s important to ensure consistency in both digital and traditional marketing messages. Steady brand reflection shows confidence in brand image, and furthers credibility with your audience.

Social media conversions should be at the forefront of any brand’s social media strategy and overall online presence. The creation and consistent use of a social media conversion strategy is essential in achieving results; with the right tactics in place across the right platforms, brands expand their impact and build their audience like never before.

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