Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 35

Discover tips on how to properly personalize your marketing, the most popular places for consumers to research products and more!

  1. What Is Native Advertising? Why It’s The Future Of Content Marketing — Plus, The Best Native Advertising Examples:

See how far we’ve come from banners and pop up ads with the current state of native advertising tactics, and some of the best examples that you may recognize!

  1. 9 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking (& How to Track Them):

Pulling in likes and clicks with your content is great, but how much value is it adding to your brand? HubSpot breaks down the key social media metrics that you should be paying attention to, and what they mean.

  1. Back to Basics: Personalization only adds value if you do it right:

Audiences love personalized marketing, but only if executed correctly. Find out what matters, understand their journey, and don’t be creepy!

  1. How to nurture new vs. existing leads:

All leads need nurturing, but your approach needs to be tailored. This article outlines different strategies to grow existing vs new leads.

  1. Where do Shoppers Research Products? We Asked 300 Consumers [New Research]: 

It’s shopping season! Check out where consumers go online to research products, and the top places to advertise your brand.

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