Kyle Toscano


Quality vs. Quantity: The Balance Battle of Content Marketing

Nearly every aspect of our daily lives can be met with the question: quality or quantity? The food we consume, the clothing we purchase, the work we create and so on. Content marketing is no exception to the ongoing debate; more content could mean more opportunities for exposure when done correctly, but can you ensure that everything you produce adds value to your audience? Finding the balance between prioritizing both aspects in your strategy is crucial for creating positive online exposure and generating brand awareness, while creating meaningful content with purpose.

Quality-focused: This perspective focuses attention on the value of content created, regardless of frequency. The belief is that quality of the pieces will be more shared user to user, even if there are less of them. Insight and emotional connection to the audience is more emphasized than getting a broad range of topics across many pieces. Although more audience-driven and well-calculated, it covers less topics for a wide-ranged audience.

Quantity-focused: The perspective that successful content marketing relies on producing content fast and frequently. The main aspect of this approach revolves around numbers; this means pumping out a lot of content, with less emphasis on depth. Posts should discuss or make arguments on a broad range of subjects rather than zeroing in on specific topics. Although this focus provides the opportunity for more exposure, content produced may lack insight and miss the opportunity to dive deep on relevant topics.

The key to a successful content marketing strategy lies in finding a happy medium of both focuses, based on the particular audience, budget and goals of the brand. Quality and quantity should not be mutually exclusive; when developing tactics for content marketing, it’s important to study analytics, review feedback, and understand your target audience to find the perfect balance.

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