Amanda Lax


3 Types of Effective Emotional Marketing

Just like breathing, eating and sleeping, feelings are a part of human nature. Whether tearing up watching The Titanic or laughing to our favorite sitcom (or cheering on your favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant), emotions are the sometimes the driving force in decision making! The same process can be applied in marketing, too. By emphasizing an important message, or merely acknowledging the importance of our feelings, marketing can work with emotions to make an impact—in fact 57% of Braze and Forrester’s study said they are more likely to be loyal to brands that can express their humanity. Here are three effective ways to emphasize emotion in marketing:

  1. Inspire customers: brands can carry heavy weight with broad audiences, and using that platform to inspire can help connect brand and consumer. Emphasizing an important message, like health and fitness, community building or highlighting an important social issue is a great conduit to uniting with audiences.
  2. Celebrate with customers: finding a relevant holiday or significant milestone to celebrate with customers can be an exciting approach to marketing. Whether emphasizing the family bonds on Father’s Day, or commemorating a business anniversary, celebrating with the customer brings joy.
  3. Joke with customers: sometimes, business can be serious. That’s why incorporating humor makes a great alternative to the average marketing technique. Banter with users on social media, fun advertisements or amusing videos can lead to entertainment value and marketing efforts all in one.

This driving force of our human existence is an authentic way to reach audiences. Identifying and sharing our own humanity in marketing leads to effective customer building and shared feelings between business and consumer. Emotions help connect us all, whether it’s friend to friend, pet to owner, or brand to customer.

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