Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 33

Resources chock full of B2B insight, web traffic conversion hacks, and advice on integrating your digital tactics!

1. Are B2B Podcasts Poised for a Breakthrough?

NPR is the most popular podcast publisher in the US and claims that B2B brands are one of the largest categories of advertisers. See why this tactic works!

2. B2B Tech CMOs on Leveraging Data to Strategically Cater to Buyers

Several tech industry CMOs provide insight on what data is relevant when tailoring tactics to buyers, and how to properly leverage it.

3. 27 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

HubSpot dove into 27 specific ways to drive website traffic – and how to accomplish each successfully.

4. How B2B Companies Are Meeting Rising Digital Experience Expectations

A do and don’t guide for crafting high quality, tailored B2B digital experiences.

5. Email Marketing vs Social Media: Can They Intersect?

This article kicks off with a successful integrated tactic by Glossier that shows how strategically intertwining your email and social strategies can attract consumers.

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