Cara Cooper


Why Less Can Be More: Marketing Minimalism

Since you’re currently consuming online content, it’s safe to assume you’re no stranger to the over-saturation of content in the digital world. With the increasingly significant role technology plays in our daily lives, consumers have developed a firm grasp on just how much stuff exists in the digital world. Everything from videos to blogs, social media posts to e-blasts and more, content is constantly at our fingertips and in our inboxes—and the influx can be overwhelming and unappealing to users.

One of the best weapons to wield in a content-riddled digital world is minimalism. Yes, a concept many people assume means throwing away all unnecessary goods in your home and de-cluttering your lives, can be applied to advertising! Minimalist ads are memorable, easily processed, pleasing to the eye and a refreshing change from the never-ending digital stimuli.

Although minimalism is not a universal remedy for all advertising problems, it’s a great way to get audiences to focus on a single message. Minimalism implements a power for a brand, it makes multiple messages in simple forms, solely because it confidently and simply communicates one message. When thoughtfully done, minimalist approaches drive messages home effectively and efficiently without clutter or over stimulation.

The simplicity of one tagline, one logo, one message or one image can sometimes be more effective than filling in all the blanks for the consumer. Thought-provoking and enticing advertising can successfully be executed with the right design and research. Brands who can develop campaigns that entice and intrigue can successfully execute minimalist brand advertisements.

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