Sophie Michilena


2019’s Internet Trends That Should Matter to You

Any integrated marketer knows that the online world is constantly evolving, and keeping your finger on the pulse of internet developments is a vital part of conducting digital marketing efforts. In 2019, the full-speed growth of various new trends continues to develop as user numbers skyrocket and technology advances. Here are three top trends to keep an eye out for this year:

Free Trials Hold Value

42% of participants in Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet study reported that a free trial was the most enticing way to invite product or service use. Users enjoy sample periods to test the waters before purchasing, and a trial period provides your brand the opportunity to build trust and loyalty with your consumers before they commit.

Mobile Use Maintains Growth

For the first time ever, time spent on mobile platforms surpassed time spent watching TV, for U.S. users. The popularity of web browsing, socializing and game-playing on mobile is taking the main stage as a form of communication and entertainment.

Artificial Intelligence Popularity

Technology that once existed as a futuristic sci-fi stretch is evolving into a new norm for marketers. From augmented reality to chat-bots, AI is an increasingly popular tool to maintain audience attention—63% of users prefer reaching out to a chat-bot to get information about products or a brand.

The growth of free trials, mobile use, and artificial intelligence means great opportunities for brands to directly reach audiences in their preferred outlets. From social media sites to in-app accessories, these tools can be a useful addition to marketing efforts to develop brand appeal and a lasting presence in the online world.

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