David Naspinski


Why Visual Search is a Vital Tool

The Google Images search tab is used 5 times as much as YouTube’s. Users love visual content, and the evolution of technology brings great new additions to image searching: visual search. This facet brings a three-dimensional face to the previously two-dimensional world of the internet. With visual search, users can take a photo, upload it and immediately gather information on the products or people in the image.

Even though it is still in its infancy, several platforms have already rolled out visual search functionality. This includes Google, that created Google Lens in 2017. Its demand is held high, especially among younger generations. One study by eMarketer found 61.7% of people aged 21-34 are comfortable using visual search in their experience with digital shopping.

So, how can marketers capitalize on visual search? It all starts with analytics and organization. Tracking the performance your product images generate, and utilize optimization tools like Tailwind to catalog photos. These applications help gather appropriate data about branded images shared. Brands should also look into upping their website visual content and appeal, to create more opportunities for users to utilize in their visual search.

When looking to jump on the visual search train, it’s important to remember how vital analytics and data are. Organizing, creating and studying the functionality of your brands visual content can only aid in its optimization for visual search. With the swell of image and video search, brands should continue to roll out content that users want to not only see, but search.

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