Brian O'Mara


5 Steps to Gathering Useful Data

Data is crucial to any business performance. As marketers, we have the chance to find and reach new business potential every day! From looking to reach a special target audience to efficiently communicating a message, collecting data can help any business grow in success.

However, in the age of information overload, gathering data can be intimidating. There are endless  ways to aggregate information, from word of mouth to email survey. That’s where these five easy steps can help pave the way. When you streamline and organize your data collection and analyzation process, it becomes easier to execute and creates meaningful results.

Here are five helpful steps to gather valuable data:

  1. Define problem or opportunity

Decide what you’re trying to achieve or who you’re trying to reach.

  1. Determine information needed, and how to get it

Gather all the known information, discover what information is needed, and the most efficient way to compile it.

  1. Collect Data

Execute the data gathering efforts, and organize it into comprehensible points.

  1. Interpret Data

Review data to extract meaningful information related to your defined KPIs that could boost business growth or audience understanding.

  1. Communicate Results

Report this information to enhance collaboration and understanding.

With these five steps, data gathering can be virtually painless and systematic. Facts and figures are a crucial aspect to growing a business, creating marketing campaigns and communicating to an audience. The more a brand understands what needs to be achieved, the more likely it can be done efficiently and successfully.

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