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5 Powerful LinkedIn Tactics for B2B Brands

LinkedIn has become an invaluable tool for B2B companies to reach new audiences and generate leads, in addition to building brand credibility – in fact, studies show that LinkedIn is the most trusted social network by users in the U.S. It’s become a primary channel for self-promotion, job searching, lead generation and more – and with the right tools, you can optimize your company page and watch conversions soar. Scroll for five powerful tactics that can revolutionize your LinkedIn strategy.

  1. Create your page with lead generation in mind

Don’t underestimate the potential of your LinkedIn page, especially as it could be the first impression of your company on thousands of potential prospects. The most successful way to cultivate your profile is to think of your business page as a lead generation page. Rather than a generic description of basic information and company facts, be intentional with the way you structure your profile and treat is a conversion-optimized pipeline to your website.

Start with the very first element that will catch your viewer’s eye: the header image. Create a standout image that will successfully grab audience attention and generate interest in the rest of your page – like your company description. Avoid a bland explanation of mundane company facts like size or location. Instead, act as though you are speaking directly to your target audience, in the captivating way you would approach a lead in-person. Remember that LinkedIn only displays the first two lines of your description and the user must opt in to read the rest, so an engaging opener is a must. From there, set up your Recent Updates section so that it’s clickable and structured to optimize conversations. As long as you continually post engaging updates, you’ll have an active feed of content that directly links users to your company website.

  1. Use advanced search

An excellent feature that LinkedIn holds over other social media platforms is the ability to identify the exact type of users you’re attempting to target. With advance search, you can filter by highly specific profile assets including location, current company, industry, past companies, school, profile language, nonprofit interests, and more. Additionally, you can play around with the feature and continue to apply different filters without having to retrace your steps and rework your initial search. Further still, LinkedIn allows you to save your results once you’ve done the work of creating a highly specific, targeted advanced search. Not only can you save these searched, but you can also set up alerts to stay up to date on new results as they happen live.

  1. Focus on groups

LinkedIn groups provide plenty of powerful networking opportunities for your company to take part in. An excellent way to leverage this power is to create a group of your own! As you join and interact with other groups, look for open opportunities for another group to be formed – doing so will build credibility, leadership, and industry recognition for your brand. Avoid a salesy approach and keep the group’s purposed focused on external users rather than just your own company.

Even without forming a group of your own, interacting regularly in others can be a great way to access new leads. Once you’re accepted into a group, avoid spam-like content about your own product or service – instead, engage in existing conversations and show off your industry authority without focusing on selling.

  1. Create valuable content

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be difficult to resist the temptation of posting content for the sake of content. Don’t rush out content that doesn’t add value to your viewers simply in the name of getting your brand in your audience’s newsfeed. Try to use a combination of different post types, including images, video, external links to long form copy, and text.

Take a step back and refer to your “visitor metrics” tab to gain insight into the demographics of your audience and determine who is visiting and engaging with your page most often. From there, you can create a representative customer persona to help guide the type of content and subject matter that resonates most with your audience.

  1. Leverage LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn’s advertising platform features several unique advantages that separates it from the crowd of other social media advertising. For B2B brands, it’s an ideal channel to grow your audience and attract new customers. For starters, you’re able to reach a more professional audience in comparison to platforms like Facebook – with LinkedIn’s user base featuring more than 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision makers as of 2020. Additionally, you can target your ad content using highly specific variables including job title, job function, seniority, industry, skill set, and even company name.

LinkedIn strategies require plenty of moving pieces, especially for B2B brands. When it comes to taking the first step, our team is here to help with every asset from copy to creative and beyond. Explore some of our digital project results here.


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