Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 28

2020 marketing trend predictions and insight into how video marketing can positively impact company culture!

1. 4 Major Marketing Trends for 2020 and Beyond

2019 is already halfway over and marketers are look toward what trends 2020 will bring! Voice search, chatbots and content remain buzzwords.

2. The Top 5 Most Creative Brand Ideas You Need to Know About Right Now: August 5, 2019

AdAge’s creative spotlight of the week, featuring a Burger Campaign with the goal of promoting inclusivity and coverage of AdAge’s 2019 small agency awards.

3. Industrial Marketing in the Digital Age 

A breakdown of B2B Industrial marketing channels in both traditional and digital categories.

4. 10 Ways Video Marketing Has a Surprising Impact on Company Culture

A shout out to video marketing and an interesting breakdown to how it can positively impact company culture! This article gives 10 specific benefits to not only creating video content but incorporating team members into the process.

5. How Are Most B2B Marketers Measuring Their Content-Driven Campaigns 

Content is key and this article dives into the best way for B2B marketers to measure the success of their content based efforts.

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