Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 27

Featuring a few top current campaigns and a breakdown of B2B campaign types from this week’s articles!

1. The Great Big List of 23 Types of B2B Marketing Campaigns, by Funnel Stage

Helpful article that breaks up the defining aspects of a variety of different B2B marketing campaigns.

2. Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change 

Breaking down how your organization’s resources, processes and values define its capability to thrive in the face of disruptive change.

3. 7 Key Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

Exploring the world of tech marketing and the best strategies for success in the industry!

4. The Top 5 Most Innovative Brand Ideas You Need to Know About Right Now 

Five current and creative campaigns by household names that deserve a shout out!

5. The Future of Sales and Marketing in the Chemical Industry

New approaches that are gaining success and popularity in marketing strategies for players in the chemical industry.

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