Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 23

Check out few top campaigns of 2019 so far and the future of robots in influencer marketing!

1. 9 Buzzworthy Campaigns That Set Brands Apart in 2019’s First Half

2019 is halfway over and here a few of the most memorable campaigns so far, including Gillette’s controversial ad on redefining masculinity and brands that hopped on the ASMR trend.

2. Content Marketing Needs to Pass the “Relative Test”

The importance of defining the world of content marketing clearly and avoiding vague descriptions of the industry.

3. Lil Miquela Joins Steve Aoki, Millie Bobby Brown and Ninja in New Samsung Global Campaign 

Lil Miquela is a wildly popular social media influencer who also happens to be a robot. The well known AI personality has been involved in several branding campaigns, a very Black Mirror-esque phenomenon that may foreshadow the future of influencer marketing.

4. Bye Pepsi, Hello Coke: Panther’s Replace Longtime Sponsor, Ushering in a New Era

Local marketing highlight, Charlotte is a Pepsi city now!

5. 5 Top Marketing Trends CMOs Should Expect by 2020

Important trends that are defining the direction of modern marketing, like detailed personalization and high quality customer experience.

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