Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 19

Enjoy a fun foreign package redesign and digital marketing updates from this week’s top articles!

1. 6 Product Management Tactics to Apply to Your Content Marketing

Hubspot pulled together popular best practices for product management and broke down how to best apply them to a content marketing strategy.

2. Reimagining Classic Ad Campaigns for a Multiscreen World

Marketing Land pulled inspiration from well-known TV commercials to create best practices for developing current integrated campaigns.

3. Google is Expanding When it Shows Ads to ‘People in Targeted Locations’

Google has added a new location targeting feature for marketers! It’s now possible to target users who are frequently in a certain location, even if they are not currently in the target location.

4. HP Sauce Adds Big Ben’s Scaffolding to its Bottles

HP sauce is a popular British condiment that has updated its packaging to remain current with the iconic Big Ben landmark, which will remain under construction for the next few years.

5. Time Spent on Facebook, Snapchat Remains Flat, but Instagram Sees Growth

While daily Facebook usage dropped in 2018 and has now plateaued (along with Snapchat), Instagram usage continues to grow and is forecasted to continue growing!

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