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Analytics 101: Key Metrics to Track in your Website Audit

Your website is home of educational blog posts and information about the services you offer, but is it set up for the best results? Whether you’ve never audited your website before or you have a redesign planned, here are the key metrics you need to track in your website audit.

What is a website audit + why does it matter?

A website audit is an examination of your website’s page performance to determine whether or not it’s optimized to achieve traffic goals.

A website audit takes time, but by analyzing your website, you’ll see major benefits like: 

  • Website optimization: An audit will give you the chance to analyze your website’s technical framework and user experience. 
  • Search engine optimization: Through the website audit, you can find missed SEO opportunities and options to rank higher in search engines.
  • Competitive analysis: When you audit your own website, you can compare your website to your competitor’s and determine potential new strategies and sources of revenue.
  • Identifying issues: Your website audit will also give you the opportunity to find issues that could hurt your SEO and user experience like missing content and long page load times.

Top metrics to look for in your website audit checklist

When you audit your website, you’ll find plenty of information and analytics. Instead of getting overwhelmed, focus on the metrics that will matter most

  • Monthly organic traffic: how many people are visiting your website each month
  • Conversion rate: how many of those people are converting into sales
  • Page speed performance: how long your site’s pages take to load
  • Top landing pages: the best-ranking pages on your site that get organic traffic

Another important aspect of your website audit is checking for search engine optimization to see if the content you create is paying off with higher traffic and conversions.

Keep these questions in mind when you do your SEO audit: 

  • Which keywords are giving the best results for traffic and leads?
  • How often are you targeting those keywords in your website?
  • Where are you ranking for keywords that your competitors rank for? 
  • Are you following SEO best practices on each page and post?

Conduct a website audit today

Don’t spend any more time crafting and publishing content to a website that isn’t properly optimized. Conduct a website audit today, and turn to BRK Marketing for the best results.


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