Meredith Carter


10 Quick Steps to Marketing Genius

Ever wished there was a B2B marketing checklist? You’re in luck, because there is. Keep reading for ten quick steps to marketing for your B2B.

  1. Determine your business’s purpose
    Before beginning your B2B multi-channel marketing strategy, determine the sole purpose of the business. Your company’s marketing plan of action, vision, and values should work with this purpose.
  2. Develop a marketing plan
    Just like you need a GPS to get where you’re going, your business needs a marketing plan. By identifying a marketing plan with goals, you’ll be able to limit reactive marketing that won’t benefit your company’s bottom line.
  3. Conduct a SWOT analysis
    Before you develop a marketing plan for your business, you need to determine what works in your business and what needs improvement. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to decide how and where to spend resources.
  4. Rely on the experts
    You can’t do it all yourself, so work with a B2B marketing consultant to define your business’s marketing needs and plan. By working with marketing agencies, you’ll find more time to focus on the big picture: daily operations and sales.
  5. Hire a marketing manager
    Whether you have an internal marketing department or not, it’s important to find a point person for communication between your marketing agency and company. They’ll be able to coordinate communication, manage budgets and protect the company’s brand, vision, and strategy.
  6. Establish branding guidelines
    Your company’s foundation and reputation start with its brand. Establish branding guidelines to show how your company should be represented through its graphics, logos, colors, tone, and language.
  7. Refine your business image
    Business marketing is all about first impressions, so it’s important to make yours great. Your company workplace, employee dress code and conduct, and social media posts should match your business image.
  8. Support your community
    When working on your B2B niche marketing and defining your purpose, it’s important to support your surrounding community. Supporting a worthy mission or nonprofit organization will spur employees to work as a team while showcasing your company’s compassion for its employees and causes.
  9. Build and nurture relationships
    While bringing in new business partnerships is an important part of your business’s strategy, it’s equally necessary to nurture your existing partnerships. Meeting with clients in-person and showing your appreciation enhance the feeling of teamwork.Nurture your relationships with employees and vendors by treating them the way you would treat clients.
  10. Tell your story
    Your business has a unique story with its personality, culture, beliefs, and WHY behind the business. Customers look for personal details, so include those differences in your business story.

Work with a B2B marketing consultant to refine your business strategy
Your B2B has a story to tell, but you shouldn’t go it alone. To work with a Charlotte, NC marketing agency that cares about your business and purpose, contact us today.

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