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How and Why to Optimize Google My Business for B2B

You might already know how you can make Google work for your business with search engine optimization, but did you know there are even more ways to utilize Google? With Google My Business (GMB), now Google Business Profile, you can connect with customers searching for services, build your company’s reputation and drive leads. Here’s why it’s important to use Google My Business for B2B brands.

What is Google My Business + is Google My Business Good for B2B?

When people search for products and services, Google Business Profiles appear with relevant information about the business, including hours of operation, contact information, and products and services offered. It isn’t just a place to share basic information—it’s a powerful tool to connect with customers and lead to revenue increases.

Business profiles are free and give you the opportunity to share accurate, up-to-date information with customers. Plus, customers are able to leave reviews and provide feedback on Google My Business profiles. Google My Business for B2B profiles will increase your audience’s trust.

3 Reasons to Use Google My Business for B2B

Now that you know what Google My Business is, here’s why you should make it part of your content and marketing strategy. 

  • It’s a free option to show your business to more people—the only cost involved is time.
  • It increases client trust—according to Safari Digital, businesses with online reviews are trusted by 73% of customers.
  • It’s a simple + effective way to receive feedback from customers through reviews.

How to Get Started with Google My Business

Create your Google My Business account for free today, and register your business with essential information including contact options, websites, a description of your services, and more. Once you’ve created and verified your Google My Business profile, you can begin posting updates and photos once a week to keep current and future customers engaged.

Add Google My Business to your action plan today

Why optimize Google My Business? 80% of all searches happen on Google, but most people don’t scroll beyond the first page. To make sure your business profile appears first, optimize your Google My Business profile with BRK today.

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