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Ingersoll Rand is a B2B industrial company that specializes in creating cutting-edge compressed air technologies that make the work of a variety of industries possible. This includes all major manufacturing industries like food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, vehicle services, craft brewing and more. Their mission is to innovate and provide top quality technology and customer service to necessary industries that make our daily routines possible.


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The Results


Increase in Facebook page impressions


Increase in Facebook page likes


Increase in average Facebook post likes


Increase in Facebook post shares


Ingersoll Rand sought BRK’s help to create a paid and organic social media strategy for both their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. They wanted to increase their overall social media following and engagement rate, with the ultimate goal of gaining leads through social media. The content prioritized emphasizing the variety of industries they serve, their service capabilities and their product line. The client also needed content to be regularly translated into several different languages and targeted to the appropriate locations, as they service customers around the world.


BRK created original social media copy along with eye-catching graphics to support the brand’s campaign. The goal was to create content that was more concise, attention grabbing and visually impactful than what the brand was previously publishing. In addition to vibrant graphics, BRK also created an informative 2D animation to highlight and create awareness for Ingersoll Rand’s contact-free services amid COVID-19. Overall, the content BRK created focused deeply on Ingersoll Rand’s extensive product line and the real-life applications they are used in by industries that serve us all, every day.

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