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Briye specializes in healthcare technology solutions that make medical care more accessible to consumers. They prioritize preventative care options that benefit the overall wellbeing of their customers and improve patient outcomes.


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The Challenge

Briye requested a full rebrand to modernize their identity, including a clean logo that communicated trust. The website needed to be organized so that users could easily find and understand Briye’s services. Most importantly, all pieces had to convey the company’s commitment to innovative healthcare and the well-being of their clients.

The Solution

A new name for the company, Briye translates from Creole to “glow” or “shine,” and we wanted our design strategy for their identity to do just that. We created a sleek, modern logo and supporting branding that reflects the progressive attitude that makes Briye unique in the healthcare industry. We reorganized web content clearly for physicians or employers, the two biggest consumers of Briye's solutions, to make it easier for them to find and select the right services.

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