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APA Paris offers college students around the world enriching study-abroad experiences in French-speaking countries. Their goal is to help better the students they engage with by rapidly improving their language skills and broadening their perspectives by providing a fully immersive cultural experience.


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The Results


growth in new users


increase in page views


more applicants


more accepted applicants

The Challenge

The APA website needed a way to communicate abundant information (multiple options for a variety of visitors) easily, plus a presentation that would capture the interest of the renowned universities whose students they aim to serve. Optimized navigation and user experience was a priority, as well as modernized design would be clean and attractive.

The Solution

The site’s content was reorganized into categories by visitor type — students, advisors and parents — and made clearly accessible from the homepage. A link to the online application submission form was made visible at the top of every page. Lastly, the site’s visuals were updated to capture the excitement of the cultural experiences APA helps provide. The new look is professional, modern and fun.

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