Jan Morris


Why Do Audiences Like Disruptor Brands?

The famous phrase “you’ve gotta risk it for the biscuit,” encompasses the exact attitude that disruptor brands embrace: daring to take the uncertain route to stand apart from the crowd. These brands invest in customer experience, working hard in all aspects of sales, marketing and brand development to convey an image of customer investment. Disruptor brands want to change the lives of their customers with an experience, and build a loyal following — even if it means taking risks.

In one study, 48% of consumers said they shop at disruptor brands — with 84% of participants younger than 54 years old. So, what’s the appeal that allows these brands to do so well?

For one, customers value brands that value them in return. The entire driving force of a disruptor brand is rooted in creating the perfect experience for their customer that leaves a lasting memory. To do so, brands have to invest in what their customer wants—creating clear two-way communication paths. Customers can leave feedback, and feel heard. Brands can listen, and implement it to create an outstanding, tailored customer experience.

Another reason for the success of disruptor brands lies in younger generations. Gen Z in particular tends to embrace individuality and snub the status-quo. Disruptor brands exude those personality traits by trailblazing through off-beat messaging that stands apart from competitors. By refusing to play it safe, you subtly and unoffensively signal to audiences that you ‘don’t care’ whether or not they like the message ― and according to reverse psychology 101, many of them will. Curating an authentic image, investing in customer experience and embracing individualism are more likely to create loyal followings of younger customers, as opposed to copying from the success of competitors.

Disruptor brands create a striking image, right off the bat. With memorable and innovative approaches to marketing, sales and brand development, these businesses can act as trailblazers for the new norm ― and reap the success before the rest. No matter the market or target audience, they continue to create a lasting name for themselves — especially among younger generations.

Remember that to get ahead of the curve, you need to take chances!

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