Nicholas Kruse


Why Cybersecurity Matters

All of us are familiar with keeping our prized possessions safe. From car alarms to smartphone passcodes, we encounter barriers to personal property every day. However, the concept of digital security has only recently become a hot topic of conversation, even among the most protective of us. Surprisingly (or not), a recent study by SplashData found that the two most popular passwords for online accounts were “123456” and “Password.”

It can be easy to underestimate the value of cybersecurity. However, recently millions of Instagram influencers, brand accounts and even celebrities have experienced account breaches. Personal information and user locations were exposed to online databases – without the owner’s consent. Their online presence, personal safety and private identity are put in jeopardy due to one minor mistake: lack of emphasis on cybersecurity.

If your organization has access to confidential or personal information from your users, you hold a Holy Grail for hackers. Keeping both your customers’ and your own information safe is crucial, not only from an ethical perspective, but from a business perspective as well. One study found 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of a cybersecurity breach.

The Federal Communications Commission has documented the 10 best ways for small businesses to enforce cybersecurity. This includes training employees on cybersecurity protocol, downloading the latest security software, securing your Wi-Fi networks and requiring employees to change their unique passwords every three months.

Although easy to underestimate, cybersecurity keeps critical information safe – for both clients and employees.  The online world is an ideal outlet for communicating, researching and networking; However, it can be highly susceptible to digital crime and security breaches. Whether you’re a national corporation, small business, or just an average Twitter user in search of the latest memes, keeping your account safe should be a #1 priority.

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