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Where Do “Creative” Marketing Agencies Come into Play On the Cusp of an AI Revolution?

The hot topic: Artificial Intelligence, famously known as AI. This technology has been ‘all the rage’ recently as platforms like ChatGPT have swept the internet leaving marketers, content creators, and even students speechless. 

But, we’re here to caution you into remembering that with great (and powerful) technology comes great responsibility. Today, we’re breaking down some fun facts about AI, how to use it to your advantage, and why you should rely on experts (a.k.a. a talented marketing team like BRK) to become your liaison between you and the artificial intelligence phenomenon. 

What’s all the fuss about? 

Artificial intelligence is making waves in the digital space. Not only are more and more people gaining free access to it, but they’re beginning to play around and discover all the capabilities that this new technology has to offer. From designing logos, to writing essays, to solving math equations, there is seemingly nothing that AI cannot do. 

However (and yes, of course, there is a however), with all of these possibilities there are bound to be a few hiccups. AI can be a great assistant and improve human efficiency in many ways, but the idea of it completely replacing the value of human work is a little far-fetched. Tech companies are still working out the kinks as this software occasionally produces inaccurate responses or misses the mark on data. 

This is why our team recommends that when it comes to AI, you take things slow. Use it as a tool, not as a complete replacement for work that your employees could be producing. And we highly advise you to outsource help to a team of marketing experts, like ourselves, to do the work for you. 

At BRK Global Marketing, we stay up-to-date with the latest content-creating trends and have become experts on all things AI so you don’t have to. AI is useful in our agency, but we can assure you that any time it is utilized, our team carefully combs through each piece of content, humanizing it to ensure things fit your brand and still come across as genuine as possible.  

Some may call us old-fashioned, but we believe that there are just certain emotions that computers and robots can’t quite convey…just yet at least. 

So what exactly is AI capable of? 

By definition, artificial intelligence is a field, which combines computer science and robust datasets, to enable problem-solving

Artificial intelligence has a wide array of capabilities, but let’s focus on what it can do from a marketing and content creation standpoint. 

The software is capable of brainstorming, designing, writing, and ideating anything you ask for. It seems broad – because it is. These computer systems are capable of responding to inquiries in a human-like way, which can be very beneficial in the content creation process. AI can design logos, write taglines, create color palettes, and more. 

Although this seems like a dream come true for some, it’s important to be wary of the fact that the computer can only generate accurate results if you understand how it works. There are certain ways to code your request to ensure that AI produces an output that corresponds with what you’re asking for. Our team has spent hours performing research and learning the ropes so we know exactly how to use these tools to our advantage in the content creation process. Although they are great, we still believe that human intervention is necessary to fine-tune the inputs so each AI output is unique to an individual client or brand.

Where do creative agencies come into play? 

We love focusing on custom “Creative” solutions for our clients. With AI, not every solution is unique to you because the responses are generated from a shared data set. When relying solely on AI for content creation, you may end up with very similar marketing elements to your competitors. 

This is why we believe there is still value in agencies like ourselves. In this uncertain time of AI development, you must be more unique, creative, relevant, and truthful than ever before. Human-made marketing campaigns, content, copy, and creative design work still hold value in the computer-driven world we are currently living in. 

People are able to reference real-world experiences and wisdom that computers cannot. The human mind has complexities that cannot be replicated. Our team’s expertise stems from real-life experience, scenarios, and problem-solving–which, when paired with AI, makes an unstoppable marketing team for your business. 

Ultimately, we at BRK, are hopping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, with an open mind, yet a caution in our step. Our team is prepared to leverage these modern tools to our client’s advantage while maintaining integrity, realness, and authenticity. Choose a marketing team you can trust and remember…


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