Cara Cooper


The Roles of Integrated Marketers

The world of integrated marketing is highly engaging and always evolving, constantly creating new challenges to keep agencies on their toes. A successful integrated marketer must be highly adaptable and willing to become a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to marketing tactics, from digital to traditional and beyond. These are four vital roles that anyone involved in the industry should strive to fulfill. 

  1. Digital Dominator: Digital marketing is extremely dynamic; making it important for integrated marketers to constantly stay ahead of the curve on trends, developments and data interpretation to successfully tackle their role. In 2019, digital ad spend is predicted to top traditional ad spend for the first time ever, creating the challenge for marketers to innovate new solutions to stand out in the digital world.
  2. Capable Communicator: Communication is key, especially in an integrated agency setting. It’s imperative that anyone involved in the industry is able to problem solve and collaborate with not only their clients, but the fellow marketers they work with. Coordinating all of the elements that go into an integrated campaign requires clear and open communication between all parties involved.
  3. Proactive Planner: Integrated marketers need to be expert planners, especially when executing a campaign with a variety of cohesive tactics. Considering available resources, time management and evolving client goals must be done competently to coordinate moving pieces into an ultimately successful campaign.
  4. Expressive Evaluator: The job of the integrated marketer doesn’t end simply when the campaign goes live. It’s important to thoughtfully analyze the results of your efforts to figure out what works best and what can improve. Openly expressing this information to your team and to the client informs future best practices and helps identify evolving needs!

Integrated marketers need to throw themselves into a variety of roles to successfully combine marketing tactics and create impactful work. Embracing the many hats of the industry allows you to creatively meet client goals and develop campaigns that are dynamic, innovative and ultimately effective.

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