Jan Morris


The Purpose of Advertising

The first creative director I ever worked for lived by the motto, “If advertising isn’t making you feel something, then it’s not doing its job.” It was by this basis that he felt you could change the minds and solicit reactions from your audience, ultimately causing them to behave a certain way. At its core, to him, this was the purpose of advertising.

Here at BURKE, we strive to do the same. It all starts with our creative brief where we ask the client to identity what is the single most important thing we are trying to convey to the audience. We take that and base every creative decision off that one statement.

I am a sap at my core, so I love a good commercial that evokes a deep sense of emotion. Those are the advertisements that stick with me the most and leave a lasting impact. Below are four of my favorite ads that have made me laugh, cry or adopt the brand and become their next big ambassador.

Publix – “Lifetime Love”

IKEA – “Lamp”

Feeding America – “Mother Hubbard”

Last on the list is BURKE’s “Local Goodness” social campaign we did for Food Lion, a southeastern grocer. Food Lion tasked us with creating an engaging set of social media videos that would help educate audiences about the local produce sold in their stores. BURKE’s video production team ventured to the local farms of North and South Carolina to capture the process from farm to store and interviewed farmers on what Food Lion and farming means to them. You can view a few of these heart warming :15s videos at the links below.

Tomato Fresh

Watermelon Video

So think back to the ads that have stood out to you and feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page! And if you’re looking for an agency that can reach your audience in a meaningful way, look no further than your friends at BURKE.

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