Jack Burke


Navigating Customer Relations amid COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation evolves and continues to isolate more and more people, strong messaging is of the upmost importance. With that in mind, I’d like to share a few tips to help navigate the unknown waters of these next few weeks.

Keep Consistent

With so many uncertainties surrounding these current events, the least you can do is keep your PR messaging consistent and in sync with your mission. Don’t hesitate to over-emphasize the message that you’re dedicated to supporting your employees, and the employees of your customers during this time.

Don’t Lose Face Time

In 2020, a quarantine doesn’t mean you have to miss out on face-to-face interaction. Adopt a “video first” mentality when it comes to conducting meetings that would typically be held in person. Using software like ZOOM and Skype allows us to continue communicating in a clear, personable way from afar.

Safety First

During this time, the health and safety of your workplace and your customers should be priority. Be considerate of the office protocol and procedures of your customers that may hinder how you prefer to conduct business, and be flexible around their needs.

Be Considerate

For business leaders, now is a crucial time to be consciously considerate when it comes to accommodating the needs our teams and customers. Keep in mind that the current situation is unprecedented for all. Make a conscious effort to understand how individuals are affected in different ways and be transparent with your intentions.

Stay Engaged

The digital age has welcomed plenty of new outlets to keep us connected in ways that were unthinkable a few decades ago. It’s easy to let your customers know that they’re on your mind with a simple text or email. Keep up with their social media profiles and drop a message that shows their well-being matters to you.

Take a Step Back

As a leader, this a great time to rethink your brand and company messaging. Take a step back and consider how your brand can strategically rethink operation and communication. Now is an ideal opportunity to slow down amid the swirl of crisis-info overload and meditate on how you can take a different approach that serves your brand, your team and your customers.

Now is the time to support our community and collaborate on how to best navigate leadership during this crisis, so your business can not only survive, but thrive. Wishing all the best to you, your business and your loved ones!

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