Brittany Bradley


Cracking the Code of Audience Engagement

When it comes to the art of content marketing, more content doesn’t always mean more engagement – particularly meaningful engagement. Although marketers often hear that content is king, developing engaging, interesting and digestible pieces for your audience sometimes means creating for quality over quantity.

Creatively reinventing and transforming pieces can breathe new life into old content, and be applied to fresh mediums to reach new audiences. For example, brands that conduct ongoing email campaigns can benefit heavily from highlighting their weekly blog post one week, but featuring a new, valuable infographic the next. A key aspect of success is to pick one asset as the star, rather than overload your audience with content. The best approach to creating engagement isn’t always pumping out messages, but rather thoughtfully communicating with your audience.

There are countless solutions to conducting this kind of meaningful communication, and successful making the most out of your best pieces of content. Collecting more value for your pieces in creative methods can mean anything from changing the medium, to incorporating content into other content, and so on. The possibilities are open to creative brainstorming.

Engagement is not only measured by who the content reaches, but how they interact. When posts are easily sharable, as well as creatively made and marketed, brands can gather more meaningful interaction and public interest. Content is great, but developing a plan to make it appealing to broader audiences is the key to optimizing your message. Brands have to continue to be creative and engaging across multiple mediums to keep up with the swarming number of content marketing efforts in the digital world, and developing new pathways for previous pieces can help to spread your most meaningful messages far and wide.

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