Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 29

This week’s top articles highlight brands that blow behavioral marketing out of the water, and why inclusive representation matters in modern digital marketing!

1. The 7 Most Powerful Lead Generation Strategies in 2019 

Defining current B2B lead generation strategies that have proven successful! Content marketing currently sits at number 1.

2. Old School Meets New: Why Tactile Marketing is Your Secret Weapon 

Diving into traditional tactile marketing efforts and how they can be successfully incorporated into modern digital and content strategies.

3. The Why, What, and How of Behavioral Marketing 

A thorough guide of behavioral marketing including examples of house-hold name brands that have succeeded with their efforts.

4. How Manufacturing Companies Use Video Production for B2B Sales 

Insight into how brands in the manufacturing industry have boosted B2B sales by producing video content in particular.

5. Here’s Why the Demand for Diversity is Driving Digital Marketing Success 

Inclusive representation in digital marketing campaigns is more important than ever. 80% of marketers agree that using diverse representation in ads helps a brand’s reputation! This article dives into how to do so authentically.

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