Browsing with BURKE | Top Articles 2019 | Volume 16

This week’s top articles include some innovative storytelling advice from Pixar and a creative AR initiative by Nike!

1. Google Now Rolling Out Podcast Results in Search

A win for audio content! Podcasts will now be featured in Google Search results, joining photo and video content.

2. Instagram Co-Launches a Mental Health Awareness Campaign to Help People Find Support

This social campaign spearheaded by Instagram and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention encourages users to de-stigmatize mental illness by openly sharing their experiences.

3. New Facebook F8 Announcements and What They Mean For Marketers

Brand new features rolling out on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for digital marketers to take advantage of.

4. What Pixar Shows Us About the Power of Storytelling

This article applied Pixar’s masterful storytelling skills to real life professional scenarios to demonstrate the importance of sharing your brand story with consumers.

5. Nike’s New App Uses AR to Measure Your Feet to Sell You Sneakers That Fit

Nike is stepping up their ecommerce game with an awesome interactive app that allows people to virtually try on shoes.

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