Cara Cooper


Be More Like Oprah

I recently read an article on LinkedIn titled: Oprah Winfrey Uses the Same 3 Sentences to Get Every Meeting Off to the Perfect Start. Below are the four reasons it caught my eye as I scrolled through all my LinkedIn updates that morning.

1. I love Oprah
2. I enjoy simplicity
3. I like clarity
4. I hate (unproductive) meetings

Have you ever left a meeting with little idea of what was discussed or what was the overall point? Or maybe you were unsure of your next steps? Have you ever agreed to something unclear by nodding your head, when you really had a million questions to ask instead? You’re laughing because you know it happens.

So what does Oprah do?

In the article, Brendon Burchard, the author of ‘High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way’ states that, “Oprah starts every meeting the same way.”

She says:
“What is our intention of this meeting?”
“What’s important?”
“What matters?”

What I read was: ‘Clarity. Clarity. Clarity. – Seeking a simple understanding.’ What is the REAL intention? What’s REALLY important? What REALLY matters? I was taught early in my career that keeping it simple is always the goal. When writing, communicating and addressing a target audience, no matter how high the intellect level is, be clear and keep it simple. Keep the agenda short and provide it in advance. By creating an environment of clarity to your participants, you are more likely to receive focused responses.

This methodology can be applied in so many useful ways: from office meetings to personal life interactions. Be clear and simple with your intentions by asking what really matters and why it’s important. These questions will help guide and lead to productive conversations that result in accountability and clear directions, for all.

I mean, I’m no expert or anything, but I read that Oprah does this… and I wouldn’t mind being a little more Oprah-like.

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