Ali Banuelos


All You Need is (Brand) Love

A successful company without brand love is like Feburary 30th… it doesn’t exist. So, put down the chocolate and roses to consider a different kind of love this year: brand love.

Recent research has shown that consumers can love a brand, similarly to their own personal relationships. Some experts believe that up to 95% of purchasing decisions are made off emotions alone! These subconscious behaviors are driven by the brand’s ability to connect with their audience, appeal to their emotions and encourage engagement. Consumers want meaningful interaction, thoughtful brand missions and authenticity. The problem is, less than 10% of customers reported they believe brands are delivering quality customer experience.

In today’s world of seemingly endless connection at your fingertips, consumers are becoming more and more passionate about establishing meaningful connections with the brands they support. This means delivering authentic messaging, building a genuine brand mission and investing in customer experience. The final goal? To turn a “customer” into a “fan.” While customers simply buy, fans invest in and champion for a brand—brand fans are loyal, passionate, active and engage in the unique brand experience. Companies that invest in their customer receive the same investment back—through brand love. This can open doors to personal recommendations, great online reviews and overall authentic audience engagement. Brand love pushes awareness into action.

Although building a solid brand experience, as well as connecting with customers may not happen overnight, it’s worth investing in. Customer loyalty can be 10 times more valuable than a single purchase! In the wise words of Nelson Rockefeller: “never forget the most powerful force on earth is love!”.

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