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Food Lion is a prominent Southeastern grocer with the mission of creating accessibility to high quality products that are affordable and trustworthy. Dedication to providing excellent quality customer experience is a core value of their brand.


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The Challenge

Food Lion challenged us to create a social media video campaign to generate interest in their Local Goodness initiative. Begun nearly 60 years ago, Local Goodness partners with area farmers to source high-quality, locally-grown produce for Food Lion’s stores. Food Lion wanted to draw attention to the relationships they had fostered with hardworking local farmers dedicated to providing the best produce possible to their customers.

The Solution

We created a series of videos highlighting the life of Local Goodness produce from start to finish. Visiting the local farms that partner with Food Lion, we captured footage of their hands-on processes and short interviews with the farmers about their commitment to quality and what farming means to them personally. These emotionally-charged videos revealed the hard work behind the readily-available Food Lion produce we consume, plus the importance of supporting local products.

Video provided the ideal medium for sharing the story of Food Lion's devotion to the communities they serve.

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