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Crown Pest Control is a local business based out of Matthews, North Carolina that provides Charlotte and the surrounding area with reliable pest control and high-quality customer service. The company specializes in both proactive and preventative pest control services for both residential homes and large-scale commercial properties. In addition to dealing with a wide array of common and seasonal household pests including termites, ants, bedbugs, and vermin, they also provide cutting-edge radon testing and moisture control services.


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The Results


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The Challenge

Crown Pest Control was looking to increase brand awareness and expand its locally based clientele with both new residential and corporate clients. Regarding the goal of increased brand awareness, they were looking to grow their digital platform and followers among their Facebook brand account in particular. Additionally, Crown Pest wanted a method of tracking the success and tangible results of their efforts, in the form of new inbound phone calls, web form submissions and signed contracts. They consulted with BRK to develop a digitally focused campaign that would run long term, with the hopes of significantly increasing businesses.

The Solution

BRK developed a multifaceted digital campaign based primarily on Facebook. The assets created followed cohesive messaging that advertised the full scope of Crown Pest Control’s varied services and featured assets including a monthly deployed eNewsletter, website sliders, organic Facebook content, paid Facebook ads, paid LinkedIn ads and Google Ads. The primary purpose of these assets was to help establish a cohesive and high-quality visual identity for the brand, as well as to broadcast the full extent of their capabilities to both existing clients who may not be aware and new clients in need of their services. The main calls to action of these assets encourage users to fill out an online form or call Crown Pest Control in order to sign a contract.

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