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Anthony & Sylvan has built a nationwide reputation for crafting and servicing luxury pools and providing unmatched customer care to their clients. They’re known for creating custom pools and backyard features with lasting quality, in addition to offering post-build services like cleanings and renovations.


  • Video
  • Digital

The Results


Follower growth during the campaign vs prior month


Total video views


Increase in organic impressions vs 2019 average


Increase in organic post reach vs 2019 average

The Challenge

We kicked off the social video initiative with a month-long “backlog” period, in which we would develop 30 pieces of video content and post one each day for 30 days. Using existing footage from previous Anthony & Sylvan shoots conducted nationwide, our team developed 30 high-quality video assets highlighting Anthony & Sylvan’s design talent and unique product offerings.

The Solution

Anthony & Sylvan Pools was looking to revamp their organic social media strategy. BURKE has managed content creation and execution for all four of Anthony & Sylvan’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) for several years and was tasked with co-pioneering an initiative to boost follower growth and engagement. The client was interested in incorporating dynamic images and video into their social media presence, and BURKE was challenged to develop the strategy and content to drive the campaign.

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