David Naspinski


Why AI Intel is Important

When the subject of artificial intelligence is brought up, plenty of people conjure the image of a futuristic, humanoid robot. Some people find this thought unsettling; however, AI is much more complex than a robot capable of mimicking human feelings and communication—it is a useful tool that marketers can use to improve campaign success and online presence. Here are three ways AI can help marketers efficiently do their job:

Optimizing Personalization: AI can help marketers build more personalized website design that appeals to their target audiences. For example, specialized push notifications can be developed on based on an individual user’s engagement and profile.

Content Creation: Gartner has predicted that almost 20% of all businesses content creation is authored by AI; they can develop product descriptions, interpret data, recap sports games and profit loss summaries.

Consumer Communication: Chat-bots play an important role in engaging and communicating with customers for a low-cost. This can be email campaigns written and deployed by AI, or online chat-bots that has access to location-driven points, customer-centered data and problem solving.

Although AI cannot take full responsibility for content creation or marketing efforts, it can help marketers develop impactful, data driven campaigns. Where AI lacks, marketers can pick up the slack, and vice versa. Artificial Intelligence can give a cutting-edge advantage to marketers looking for an innovative way to create, without going full autopilot. As a marketer, understanding AI and capitalizing on its capabilities can only serve to help you, so put down the robot-takeover conspiracy article and elevate your tactics!

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