Nicholas Kruse


UX/UI 10 Year Challenge

Within the past few months, an internet trend known as the #10YearChallenge swept across social media platforms. The challenge was to share side by side photos of yourself 10 years apart to your followers, exposing embarrassing haircuts and style choices for many. Brands wasted no time joining in on the trend by sharing their own outdated logos, designs and more. The participants that caught my attention the most were some of the biggest websites in the world that chose to share comparisons between their current looks and their younger 2009 versions, which you can check out here.

Everybody loves nostalgia, but I think I speak for the masses when I say how grateful I am for the shift in web design over the past decade. We’ve evolved from our 2009 selves that seemed to live for clutter and graphic overkill, as these examples suggest. Changes are always inevitable and I’m sure a new look will rock 2029, but as a member of the web design community I’m glad we’ve developed a grasp of content hierarchy and appreciation for simplicity over time.

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