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There’s Nothing Brief About a BRK Brand Brief

When a new client signs on with our agency, it’s always our first priority to get to know their brand and fine tune the elements that surround it. We believe that having an all-encompassing document that outlines all of the key factors of our client’s brand is the key to any successful marketing project. Enter: the Brand Brief.

So what exactly is a brand brief anyway?

At BRK Global Marketing, a brand brief pretty much serves as the ‘bible’ for our client’s brand. Simply put, it is one asset that compiles all of the important brand information in one place. The brand brief should be concise, yet explanatory, outlining the brand’s values, personality, positioning, target audience, and key messaging. Housing all of this information in one place helps marketing and creative teams conceptualize ideas for designs and campaigns. Brand briefs keep the continuity of marketing work because all of the important information is stored in one place. 

The Importance of Having a Strong Brand Brief

A lot of times, marketing efforts involve collaboration between various teams and stakeholders. A brand brief that is agreed upon by every important decision maker can serve as a unifying document, making sure that everyone involved is aligned. 

By sharing a comprehensive brand brief, businesses can foster collaboration, streamline processes, and avoid miscommunications that could compromise the brand’s integrity. This is especially helpful for companies when working with an agency for marketing purposes. 

The BRK Approach

It’s no secret we are crazy about a well-done brand brief here at BRK. But, if we’re going to talk the talk, we should be able to walk the walk and tell you what makes ours so special. 

Following a new client interest meeting, a discovery session is typically set up between the key stakeholders of your company and the members of our team that will play a role in the project. The discovery session is important because it’s a deep dive into the emotions behind your brand and helps set up the foundation for the brand brief to be built upon. 

After your discovery session, our team gets to work. We begin to pull together the information you give us, research from your biggest competitors, and our own creativity to build your perfect brand brief. 

What’s Included in a BRK Brand Brief

When we say ‘comprehensive,’ we mean it! A BRK brand brief is a collection of the ins and outs of your entire brand. The standard BRK brand brief includes: 

  • The brand story 
  • A clear description of the brand’s short and long-term goals 
  • Mission and vision statements 
  • Specific values 
  • The products and services offered by the brand 
  • A deep dive into the target market and ideal audience 
  • A full overview of the tone of voice and key messaging 

Each of these elements comes together to provide a full understanding of the brand and helps communicate what sets it apart from competitors. 

So, what are you waiting for?

In today’s competitive business environment, a well-defined brand brief is a must from a marketing perspective! It serves as the guiding light to shape your brand’s identity, align marketing strategies, and foster consistency. By investing in a complete brand brief upfront, businesses can establish a strong and memorable brand presence that will help them connect with target audiences effectively and lead to success! 

A brand brief is not a static document, but rather a guide that evolves with your brand. Ready to revisit your brand brief? Shoot us a message, so we can get started!

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