Video Production

Our Award-Winning Video Production Services

Your brand is built on groundbreaking ideas, and we’re here to bring them to life. Our in-house video team is skilled in high-impact cinematography, expert drone piloting, cutting edge animation and more. We have the full capabilities of an experienced video production company, right under our integrated roof. From technical corporate branding, to concise quality social media video and YouTube ads, to artful film-worthy cinema, our video production team has not only the creativity to address your needs but the skills to fulfill them. We’ve collaborated with household names like Food Lion, and captured the talent of icons like Joe Theismann. For each concept, no matter how complex, we have a talented videographer ready to bring it to life.


We bring the beauty and impact of artful cinema to your messaging, providing the ability to make a lasting impact on your audience with every frame.



We can bring even the most complex or abstract ideas to life with skillful live action footage, 2D and 3D animation.


Motion Graphics

We can evoke high quality visual impact within the simplest of logos, graphics and concepts – using stunning visual effects, greenscreen technology and camera tracking.



We’re experienced and skilled in all basic color correction techniques including color grading, noise reduction and image processing.


Aerial & Drone

We can capture your most large-scale products, events and concepts, through our pilot certifications that abide by FAA compliances and airspace authorizations. 


Successful marketing campaigns always tell a powerful story. Let the award-winning video production team at BURKE help you make a lasting impact and contact us today.

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