Caleb Hoopingarner


Meeting the Needs of Modern-day Post Production

With the growth in project volume and expansion of our video team, BURKE was in need of a new storage system for the video production department. Handling large amounts of media in various forms requires a system with speed, expandability, and flexibility. Grappling with aging equipment, BURKE made the decision to install a single chassis of Avid NEXIS Pro storage. With unrivaled media performance, scalability and reliability, BURKE has been quick to put the new hardware to test, finding great success.

BURKE decided to purchase this storage system for a few reasons, the first being collaboration. Users are accustomed to the speed and convenience of directly attached storage when working with media assets. Unfortunately, this type of storage is not suitable for collaborative workflows, as projects and assets cannot be shared conveniently between different workstations in real time. Network storage solutions are designed specifically to share media files across all platforms and applications while providing consistently high performance for all workstations. In today’s fast-paced media environment of tight deadlines and even quicker attention spans, BURKE wanted a tool that would allow its team to quickly and efficiently share assets and work together to create the best and most exciting content. So far, Avid delivers.

Another benefit of Avid is the reliability and security it offers BURKE and its clients. Protected by triple-redundancy, BURKE’s storage system has the ability to confidently and securely backup and maintain projects and media. As a creative agency, media is one of the greatest assets for BURKE and the Avid system allows us to deliver content to our clients without worrying about lost or corrupted drives.

In the ever-shifting resolution race, BURKE’s network can easily handle 4K media. The Avid storage system allows us to edit simultaneously on 4K or higher content without disrupting the flow of the creative process. Each of our editing workstations can access any media without waiting for drive transfers, or another editor to hand off files. This means less time managing content and more time creating it.

If you’d like to learn more about BURKE’s video offerings, check out our new BURKE.Video site to see our capabilities, past projects and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Need a video service? Reach out and connect with us. We’d love to put our new hardware to use on your next video project.

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