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Jack’s 2019 State of the Union

2020 brings us all the opportunity to spend another decade growing, evolving, and constantly improving ourselves to be the best marketing strategy resource experts possible for the brands we collaborate with. Change is unavoidable in the marketing industry, a fact that only rings truer and truer after nearly 30 years of owning BURKE. From our humble beginnings in 1991 right here in Charlotte, we’ve evolved constantly, and will continue to do so.

2019 was a year of milestone growth and exciting changes for the whole BURKE team. One of my prioritized goals for the past year has been to not only continue developing each of our departments individually and invest in our people, but to continue taking on projects that allow our teams to grow creatively together. Each year we grow into more of an integrated whole in order to provide the best successful outcome of each project. To accomplish this, each of our departments grew in one way or another. A few fresh positions have broadened the ability for our teams to reach their full potential, including a full-time motion graphics artist, social impact director, media buyer, content coordinator and a UI/UX designer. Each addition to BURKE comes from thoughtful consideration with the ultimate goal of broadening our collective capabilities and talent to create high-quality, results-driven integrated work for our clients. We also continue to invest in technology internally with new software and hardware that can help our team with project management, tracking software and ultimately reporting the measurable results of every project’s success.  Our partnership with Hubspot in 2019 will also be a growth avenue for our clients in respect to helping them with targeted inbound lead generation online.

Our diversely talented team has taken on plenty of ambitious projects and invigorating new clients within the past year, including:

  • An engaging, video-content heavy social media marketing strategy for Anthony & Sylvan Pools, a longtime client who gave us the opportunity to ramp up their social platforms we’ve managed for several years.
  • A new partnership with Tokai Carbon, an international carbon company passionate about creating innovative new potential for raw resources, and building a corporate culture centered around ethics and reliability. An employee involved culture video and new website will be launched in Q1 of 2020.
  • Exciting integrated campaigns featuring digital ads, TV spots, radio, OOH assets and more for our newest client, Carolina West Wireless and BARK, a North Carolina based cellular carrier providing 11 regions with nationwide coverage, while maintaining the customer service of a local business.
  • A video production project in partnership with Lidocream, a new client that came to us with the opportunity to create commercial TV spots to launch their innovative CBD product, which involved our team getting on the football field with former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann!
  • Continued video projects and managed global LinkedIn digital support for Ingersoll Rand, which gave us the exciting opportunity to put our motion graphics skills to the test and visually emphasize their innovative compressed air technologies.
  • The exciting announcement that A Big Heart Foundation will feature a new location for our 13th Annual T4T event on September 18, 2020 at TPC Piper Glen, an update facilitated by our new Director of Social Impact, Gigi.
  • Completed environmental graphics and branding for Benchmark’s new office built in Tempe, AZ.
  • The opportunity to foster our ongoing relationships with Century Contractors, Charlotte Latin School and Carolinas Poison Center with advertising, videos and media support.
  • New clients we’ve gained the opportunity to engage with and can’t wait to see results for in 2020 including Healthgram, Imagine Software and Brand RPM.
  • A new website launched for long term client, Maxson Associates, following past logo and signage work.

Even after nearly three decades of operation, we’re always looking for new ways to continue expanding our capabilities and push beyond traditional marketing tactics in our work, a goal that will continue into the next decade and beyond. The process of developing new tactics and assessing their impact to continue creating the best work possible brings excitement that our team thrives on.

We can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring for BURKE. As always, we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to continue our relationships with our long-time clients and establish lasting relationships with the new clients we will take on over the next year. At the end of the day, our top priority is to create durable partnerships built on strategically tailored marketing tactics that bring the best results possible.

Thank you for being a part of our journey as BURKE continues to evolve through the years. I invite you to keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and to follow our growth through future newsletters from our team.

I am continuously amazed at what incredible work is created behind our doors by my dedicated and very talented staff and want to thank them for all their loyalty, caring and hard work in 2019.  I still wake up every day passionate about what the next project brings and how we can help our clients optimize their success.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a bright and prosperous New Year.


Jack Burke


BURKE Integrated Marketing



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