David Naspinski


Design Must-Dos on Your Landing Page

We can’t underestimate the importance of landing page design in the age of digital marketing. You’ve got the user to click your link, now what? This is a critical point in the online interaction with your potential new consumer that turns clicks into conversions. Below are a few of the best design takeaways based on our research that could potentially boost conversions on your next landing page.

Be Unique, Not Aggressive

It’s important for your landing page to stand out visually without turning off your viewer. For example, having a call to action (CTA) button that blends in with the rest of your design hurts conversions. However, having an aggressively bold button tended to repel users too. Our research revealed that in several studies, CTA buttons with cool blue or green looks tended to get better results than loudly colored red or orange buttons.

Understand Your Audience

Good design is subjective, and you need to know what your audience responds well to in order to be successful. Men and women in particular tend to like (and dislike) certain colors. This may seem insignificant, but at the end of the day, an exceptionally designed website with colors that ward off your audience will still lack success. One study reported that your viewer’s decision to interact with your brand is 90% influenced by color, so choose strategically!

Establish Trust

We already know you’re trustworthy, but your brand needs to visually convey that to establish credibility with your audience. You may have a great product and great messaging, but it won’t matter in the end if you can’t create trust between you and the user. There are simple tactics that go far in accomplishing this; like having your contact information easily accessible, showcasing social media testimonials, and using trust marks to assure the user’s security is protected on your site.

You’ve worked so hard to earn that click; don’t throw away a conversion by underestimating the landing page design! Finish strong and leave your potential customer with the best impression of your brand.

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