Jack Burke


BRK’s Triple Triumph at the MarCom Awards

We are thrilled to announce that BRK has been honored with three esteemed MarCom Awards, distinguishing our team among a global pool of entrants. The MarCom Awards, organized by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), draw over 6,500 entries from across the United States, Canada, and 43 other countries annually. Winning here is not just about global recognition—it’s an affirmation that our work stands tall among industry leaders. 

Our first Platinum Award comes for our work on the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle MonitorTM website. This website exemplifies our commitment to delivering engaging digital experiences that truly connect with audiences.

Next up is Devon Creek branding, which bagged us a Gold Award. Thanks to design lead Lily Morris’ innovative approach, this project highlights how effective design can elevate brand identity and recognition.

Last (but definitely not least) is another Platinum win for Century Contractors Holiday Video, which showcases our ability to create compelling visual narratives and storytelling done right!

These awards reaffirm BRK’s relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of marketing services. As much as these accolades reflect past achievements, they also motivate us to continue pushing boundaries in the future – ensuring high-quality work that makes real impact stays part & parcel of who we are as an agency!

Here’s celebrating hard-earned victories and looking forward to setting new benchmarks on this exciting journey with our clients!

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