Colleen Newlin


Boosting Your Brand with Philanthropy

One of the most gratifying aspects of being a business owner is the opportunity to give back to your community and leverage your company’s success to support the causes that matter to you most. It feels great and adds an extra sense of purpose for all the hard work you put in over the course of the year.

But philanthropy isn’t just about making the world a better place. It’s smart business, too.

The organizations your company stands behind are a reflection of your brand. This makes giving a powerful tool for expressing and sharing brand values with current customers, prospects and the public.

Let’s explore all the reasons why philanthropy plays a vital role in your branding strategy.

Improve community relations

Giving back to your community builds relationships that extend beyond the organization you are choosing to support. Philanthropic work connects you with local business leaders and the people residing in the areas where you operate.

Stronger community relations works to create a more favorable business environment, not only for attracting and closing prospective customers but also for collaborations and other business-to-business interactions.

Cultivate a positive public image

No matter what product or service your business sells, enhancing your company’s public image is an effective strategy for attracting customers who value socially responsible businesses. Getting involved with a cause that resonates with your target market will inspire people unfamiliar with your brand to learn more.

A positive public image can also be useful for spurring interest from like-minded investors and can be a magnet that draws top talent to want to work for your firm.

Boost employee engagement

Your team is an integral part of your brand. By getting involved with charity organizations that align with company values, employees feel a greater sense of purpose at work and become more deeply connected both professionally and with the causes you support as a team.

Opportunities to participate in meaningful philanthropic endeavors can also increase overall job satisfaction and loyalty by improving morale. Your company’s giving culture reinforces both employee retention and recruitment efforts.

A culture of innovation and creativity

Engaging as a company in philanthropy provides an opportunity to showcase your company’s innovative and creative spirit in ways that may not always be possible with your core business. As employees and leadership think outside the box to find solutions for social and environmental problems, your brand is given the chance to exhibit a different side of its personality.

This point is particularly poignant for companies with a more serious brand image, as involvement in charity work presents the ideal time and place for putting your brand’s softer side on display.

Drive brand loyalty

Now more than ever, today’s conscious consumers want to do business with companies they perceive to be socially responsible. This includes environmental practices, company culture and treatment of employees, and the extent to which your business is a positive influence both locally and further afield. 

Customers who feel personally connected to the causes your company supports are more likely to become more engaged with your brand and become loyal brand ambassadors.

How to market your philanthropic efforts

Making the most of your philanthropy from a branding point of view means getting the word out there about what you’re doing, why it’s important, and how others in the community can pitch in and get involved.

All the same channels used for promoting your brand message can be leveraged to spread the news surrounding charity projects and organizations you support.

At BRK Global Marketing, our team can help you maximize the return of your philanthropic efforts, not only in promoting your brand in a positive light, but also by inspiring the community to get behind your cause to do more good together. To learn more about building a campaign, contact us today.

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