Jan Morris


A Brand’s Secret Weapon: Storytelling

For digital marketers, the modern customer is elusive. They have access to unlimited information (whether true or false), easy communication, and endless brand alternatives right at their fingertips — which means brands have to constantly re-evaluate to compete. In the this contemporary crowded marketplace, where customer demand is at an all-time high and brand trust is low, how do companies stand out?

There are hundreds of creative approaches to consider when building a new marketing strategy (or spicing up an old one.) Whether visual, audio, graphic design or anything in between — there’s one common theme that holds entertainment value and helps brands boost their own individuality.

Enter: storytelling. Within every brand image, motto, slogan, logo and individual employee there’s a bit of the brand’s personality — a story, even. Every company has something to say, why not do so through your marketing strategy? With thorough planning, audience research and engaging content, a brand can tell its authentic story, build brand trust and sell products. This can be anything from non-profit content, employee interviews or creative customer impact narratives.

Storytelling is authentic, relatable and honest — but, it can only be done with sincerity and thoughtful planning. It is a subtle art that requires a brand to be honest — but, when done correctly, it can build trust and boost publicity. It’s time for brands to tell their story… so, what’s yours?

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