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3 ways to make user-generated content for your B2B marketing strategy

Are you fully leveraging your customers in your B2B’s marketing strategy? With user-generated content (UGC), you can use content your customers have made to flesh out your marketing strategy and build customer trust. 

What user-generated content is + how you can leverage it

According to Nosto, 79% of people say UGC highly influences their purchasing decisions. While UGC for B2B marketing looks different than it does for B2C companies, it’s still important to include in your strategy. User-generated content can vary from FAQs to employees’ photos and social posts. If you’re not sure how you can create UGC for your B2B marketing, here are three ideas.

  1. Launch an online community
    According to Hubspot, users who feel connected to a community are more likely to share content and reviews about brands + engage directly with that brand. Your online community can consist of users who share reviews and photos and employees who share behind-the-scenes moments. While building a truly engaged online community will require labor and time from your team to interact with and reshare their content, you can begin by creating a branded hashtag or reposting user-generated content on your own channels.
  2. Incentivize users who share content
    To encourage users to share content, whether that’s in the form of reviews, photos or testimonials, it’s important to offer them incentives that actually spark their interest. On social media, engaging with the audience’s content creates a two-way relationship that will then encourage other users to join the conversation.Through engaging with your audience, you’ll find incentives that are more likely to drive content. Options range from discounted products to expedited services and other freebies. Driving conversations + building a community won’t just build up trust for prospective consumers—it also serves as powerful market research and gives insight into your customers’ needs.
  3. Cross-promote third-party reviews + share in-platform reviews
    Looking for social copy that actually converts your ideal customer? Consider using quotes from your current customers. Whether you source reviews on a third-party platform such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or you give customers the option to write reviews after purchasing, that content will create a higher level of trust for prospective customers.

Make UGC a part of your B2B marketing strategy today
Beyond building a more robust content calendar, adding UGC to your B2B marketing strategy will enhance your brand’s community + build trust for prospective clients.

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